OUR SERVICES Daou Technology provides services from Internet Service to Solution, 
Business Application and IDC. Biz


  • Communication/Marketing
    Marketing Comm. Mass communication services sending SMS and voice messages online, online fax services with no fax machines required, and mobile coupon services that can be readily exchanged offline into actual products – all these services can be used as marketing and communication tools to reach customers.

  • Commerce
    Commerce Shopping solutions that offer different yet easy payment services for products online and escrow and O2O services to guarantee safe transaction between individuals.

  • Biz App.
    Biz Infra Offer the best environment for businesses with reliable services based on latest IDC and cloud platform and various business infrastructure and solutions such as collaboration application, mail servers, and tight E-mail security solutions.

  • Solution
    Enterprise Solution Provide best quality corporate IT infrastructure SW solutions from servers and storage hardware to OpenSource based OS, infra, middleware and application solutions to counter fast changing IT infrastructure environment and to strengthen business competitiveness.

  • ITO
    ITO Offer services with IT expertise such as business application development & maintenance, system, networks, DR, security infrastructure & operation, information strategy, and process consulting based on know-how in large scale system operation and SLA.